School’s out

Sending in my last study-related assignment for this semester felt particularly exciting this time. This meant that the next time I will actually study in university is going to be in 9 months from now. In terms of working, this summer will be different from the previous ones. For the first time, I am given the opportunity to live a adventurous lifestyle while being a praiseworthy employee (of course this is to be proven..). Anyway, I dived in straight to adventures. Once I had returned my last exam for this semester, I took off and traveled to Italy.



Italy is one of my ultimate favorite countries. I have amazing memories of renting a villa with my family in Tuscany, on top a hill with a breathtaking view. I can still taste the pizza prepared for us by father and sons of a local family – Leonardo, Orlando and Romeo. The amazing thing it only contained cheese and tomato and was by far the most delicious pizza I have ever tasted – our entire family can relate to this. We used to watch the sunsets from the open kitchen windows while preparing home-cooked dinners. Then, thinking of Rome makes me think of wandering endlessly on the beautiful streets and eating breakfast with a view over the city of fascinating historic buildings.



Needless to say more, I am beyond excited to be back to Italy.

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