Best summer so far?


Life has been hectic for me past weeks; after last exam I took off to Italy, followed by a week of packing, both for the summer and my entire apartment. Most importantly, saying temporary goodbye to friends and family.

My last night in Helsinki was unforgettable, a beautiful and hot summer night, surrounded by my best friends in town then. We took a boat to Skiffer island where the summer season was opened with a big party on the little island, packed of people. The company, red wine, live music, great party and beautiful sunset made it a perfect night. Which, of course, was continued among the hardest party people, in Restroom, an ugly little karaoke bar nearby. Naturally, I had to visit in this legendary spot for the first time on my last night living in the neighborhood.


But…. That is where the even better days started. Few hours sleep, hopping to the plane and arriving to my favorite city on this planet, New York City. I will spend eight long weeks here. After the several one-week vacations spent here this is a dream come true for me.


After three days, I strongly feel that I belong here. Here I feel like I truly value every minute of life, which is something I have been working on. 🙂


First three nights I stayed at my friend Milla’s apartment on Elizabeth street, Soho. I can’t imagine better arrival – it was Saturday night and despite the 15 hour travelling and partying of previous night, I didn’t doubt when Milla and her friends asked if I was still up to go “drinks”. Just a moment later we were in the middle of a huge rooftop party at Meatpacking district. I danced all night and once in a while noticed how touched I was of finally being in the city.





Not to get you bored, I will stop for now and keep you posted of how everything has been going since the first night. Thank you dear friends for an memorable last night in Finland and new friends for making my arrival so special. ❤

You know when sometimes things seem chaotic and then, by taking a deep breath and thinking it all over again, things have the tendency to solve out, and the outcome is even better than the original plan. This is exactly what happened me few days before departure. I will be forever grateful to Milla who I will always remember as my NYC savor and angel <3. You just get to trust that things will go exactly as they were meant to go. 🙂


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