NYC Instagram diary








Heye! All good and more in the big apple. Loving every moment here. I think the biggest setback until now was on the second day when I was trapped under a little shelter in Central Park with few other people when it started to pour. I mean really pour. We stood there for a time that seemed to last forever (1,5-2h). Other than that, life has been treating me pretty good here.


 I’m getting more in love with the city every day. Everyday I’m finding new objects to observe and spread my love to – areas, cafes, people, restaurants, food, habits, anything (I know I sound like a geek). I love that the city never sleeps. Days feel long but I still wish 24 hours contained more. For the first time of my life I’m too excited to sleep and stay long in the shower. Also, for a healthy geek like me, New York is paradise. Wholefoods and the endless options of restaurants & cafes…. Somehow the Finnish grocery stores are tempting anymore. Eating out here is easier than ever.

My favorite discoveries so far:

❤ Butchers Daughter on Elizabeth street (perfectly fresh and light little organic cafe)

❤ Whole foods – no explanations (or a separate post) needed

❤ Washington sq park – the atmosphere surrounded by buildings of NYU and laidback attitude of people

❤ Chelsea market

❤ ‘snice cafe West Village ❤ the most cozy and welcoming café I’ve ever been to – best place to spend hours working

❤ Sushi Yasuka – best Japanese food I’ve ever eaten


IMG_2839    IMG_2881




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