Governors Ball





I got to cross one thing on my bucket list last weekend when one of my favorite artists, Kings of Leon, played at Governors Ball festival. Our plans seemed already to have crashed as Friday turned out to be catastrophic in terms of weather. After queuing for an hour and about to board, we looked at each other with Adam and agreed to not step on the ferry. The storm was getting worse and the visibility was about an meter. Once getting back to hotel, we read online that the band had canceled. Welll, at least we were warm and dry again and had an amazing dinner at Asian cuisine Zengo restaurant.

I was the only one with Friday ticket only – however, I got lucky. Waking up Saturday morning, I heard that Kings of Leon had been rescheduled and Friday tickets had access. I got a new meaning to being independent later when I took off by myself to the festival island as others had already left earlier. I knew the phone lines were going to bad and that turned out to be true. I couldn’t reach Adam for several hours, which meant hanging with a guy met on the ferry. At some point I got separated from him so I had to sneak among another group of friends. All good, I had company all the time and finally managed to find Adam, though would’ve been nice to see Kings of Leon in familiar company :).

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