I didn’t think I would want to spend a day out of New York during my 8-week stay. Someone, however, was able to change my mind and I ended up spending the weekend in Washington D.C, where Adam lives. Now, I can’t feel but glad that I did. I told to Adam that the weekend was full of firsts – before anything a new city of course. I saw landmarks like Georgetown University (which reminded me so much of Hogwarts), the White House and other important monuments. I found the apartments so weird by the way. The building reminded me of a hotel – there is a 24h reception, Starbucks on the ground floor and a rooftop with a pool and grills. And this seemed to be pretty common. I was also lucky to have my first traditional American barbeque, which I loved. This one was far from my image of grilling burgers, hot dogs and corn. The boys prepared (!)  huge amounts of brown rice, salmon, chicken and bell peppers, accompanied with a delicious goat cheese & strawberry salad (and delicious drinks). The bbq took place at a rooftop overlooking the monuments of the “capital of the free world” in great, welcoming company. All in all, an unforgettable Saturday night in D.C.

The lazy Sunday consisted of wandering around as a tourist for few hours, some tanning by the pool and eating & drinking, of course. Adam grilled turkey burgers for lunch, which were also the first for me, and delicious. Followed by a lazy walk to a rooftop bar next to the White House. Drinks had never tasted better. Next up amazing thai food – spring rolls, seaweed, pad thai, dumplings, sprussel brout salad all to die for. It was kind of embarrassing to notice towards the end of the dinner that I had gotten a bit drunk of the drink and bottle of wine – walking home and doing some shopping at Wholefoods at daylight on Sunday afternoon… The evening passed watching NBA finales – the game unfortunately did not turn out the way Adam had hoped (and bet) for. I hope the miss America coming at the same time from other channel and I managed to cheer him up even a bit.

It’s weird though. I was two nights away and miss New York so much. I’m gonna miss Adam but it’s funny how NYC already feels so strongly like home for me. Writing this in the bus, I’m anxious to see the skyline of the city again and arrive in the middle of the beat. How can I ever leave?

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