NY state of mind

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The thing I love most in New York is the welcoming atmosphere that the people create. I love the feeling of being one in a million yet still feeling as part of the scene. The way strangers wish you good morning on streets, small talks and general kindness in short encounters. I think all this is why I so strongly feel that I belong here. Also, making friends is so easy. People might talk to you on streets, store or at the cafe. Not to mention that everyone I’ve contacted have been more than willing to go for a coffee and catch up, no matter how busy they would be.  Also, all the Finnish people I’ve met here have been amazing and share my desire to absorb the most out of the city. I think it requires certain character – curiosity  and independency – to come here.

Last week we had a dinner with an amazing group on Finnish people in a lovely restaurant Aria in West Village. Ade was so kind to introduce me to these amazing people, which all are spending atleast the summer here for work. I will definitely see these girls and guys again! I was also so fascinated to hear how they all have come here to the city of our dreams. It made me once again realize that it is not impossible to us Europeans come here, in contradiction to what I’ve always thought. You’ve just got to believe in your dreams and work hard towards it. I’ve certainly begun to create a plan for my future here:).

Another funny and typically New Yorky spontaneous incident took place yesterday. In the morning I got a text from a finnish guy who had heard of me being in NYC from my colleague in Finland. Jaakko was few days in town for work and asked if I had time to meet and catch up. I had been 4 nights away from home, taken a 6am bus from D.C, survived the weekend mostly with men’s cosmetics, in other words looked like shit (the bag in the picture is ALL I had for the weekend trip and two working days) and above all was drowning with work, so I promised to grab a coffee. Eventually, after delicious outdoor salads and smoothies, we found ourselves getting a private tour from Jaakko’s Danish friend Rasmus, in Google’s empty office on a late night above the Chelsea Market. I was thrilled as I love the atmosphere and the building of Chelsea Market and it was very similar on the floors above. The office was so inspiring – and can you believe that there is a wide range of healthy food (nuts, dates, granola bars, coconut water (!!!)) served 24 h. My kind of an office. Like it had not been beyond exciting evening already, we ended up in Google’s “secret” underground bar Tippler. It was so much fun to share and hear stories of the corporate world, Scandinavia, living in New York and abroad and much more. There’s also something with the american drinks – they are deceptively delicious and strong. Once again I ended up feeling a little dizzy – after one drink!!? But, when in New York… After the weekend with Adam in D.C and this spontaneous Monday I couldn’t feel but overwhelmed by how happy I am to be here, right now.

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