Back on track


I now know what my sister meant by saying that New York is small. She told me stories of just having thought of someone and how nice it would be to see this person. The next moment this person would step to the same metro or cafe she was in. I mean, what are the odds – same van, same place at the same time of any of the million places and 24 hours. Yesterday, I was on my first run here and felt like catching up with someone. I thought about the three people I know in East Village and whether it was too late to call one of them and ask if I could stop by. Before I noticed, I literally ran into one of them, Luca, at the street. I think all East Village was out watching the last finale of NBA last night – and all of the bars and streets, Luca happened to be calling outside the bar exactly when I passed by. Turned out, he was watching the game with the two other people I had thought. I gave high fives to them, caught up with Luca and took off to my run again. And I even got a past-workout booster to take with me. Thanks boss! Running felt so good after not working out for several months. I felt like I could have run the entire night across Manhattan in my new pair of Nikes. I love running at late night and will definitely make it a habit. Coconut water (which I’ve considered as waste of money until last week) had never tasted better.

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