“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”


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For me, life is all about learning and discovering. The question people have asked me the most is why I wanted to come here. This is the main reason. I consider myself blessed to have so many close friends, loving family and a network of amazing people in Finland. These people, for me, are the best people in the world and will always be in my life. You know who you are! Yet, living 22 years in Finland, I’ve always had an endless desire to put myself in a situation where I have to create a new life for myself and tie new relationships in a new place. I feel like a need challenges to learn and discover. So why not to do it in the city I’ve on each one-week stay had a feeling of not getting enough? This leads to another point of my life philosophy. I believe you can learn so much from other people of how to live your life to the fullest. Of course, ultimately it comes only by listening yourself, but other people are the ones to inspire you on the way. New York is a place where people come to fulfill their dreams and it takes courage. No wonder I have met so many fascinating people.

Luca is a new friend of mine and a true New Yorker. I find it funny how many mutual interests we share – yoga, nutrition, a vision of running a sustainable farm in the future. I also think his lifestyle is so cool, working in a sustainable water store and at a restaurant, studying nutrition in university and IIN, pursuing rest of the time his interests and going towards his dream career and future. What could be more New Yorky. Yesterday I met a finnish model Anna-Sofia who turned out to be the most sweetest person. I loved her down-to-earth attitude and appreciation towards Finland, even though she’s had the opportunity to travel the past two years across Asia, Europe and USA. I also respect the fact that she has already acquired a position in university and plans to start studying. I don’t know, but I could assume that most internationally successful models wouldn’t think such things at the stage when their model career os blossoming. I have also had the chance to get to know a script writer Leo, which is fascinating as I’ve never known a script writer/movie maker before. I find it so fascinating to hear of a lifestyle where work life goes in cycles; first you focus on writing a script for a certain period, followed by the uncertain time of waiting whether your agent will get it sold to producers. If you’re lucky enough, the production starts and go travel to LA for an intense period of filming the movie. So cool. Today I’ll meet ut for coffee another wonderful person, Elita. She is a friend of my sister, whom I met on my last visit here last year. She seemed to be living my dream – having lived in San Francisco and studied in University of Berkeley and then arriving to New York City to study and later work at NYU. Both my ultimate dream universities. I’m not jealous anymore – just so fascinated and eager to hear more.

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