Midsummer in the big apple

IMG_3404 IMG_3409 IMG_3413 IMG_3428 IMG_3455



My Scandinavian midsummer did not go quite how expected. The evening started promisingly with a get together at Jenny’s place in Chelsea and the plans were to continue to Battery Park to a Scandinavian midsummer celebration. I never made it there. At some point, I noticed my iphone screen did not work. I tried to continue the evening and decided to deal with the phone on the next day. In cab on our way to Battery Park, I did a radical decision and hopped of the cab and left my friends. I took another cab to the Soho Apple Store. I was able to schedule an appointment for an iphone doctor in an hour. I killed the hour by finding the nearest sushi place and ate there by myself in Soho, without my friends and unsure of my phone’s kohtalo. I guess the entire store felt sympathy for me when I finally saw my “doctor” as they replaced my screen, completely free of charge. And all this took less than hour.


I know there are worse things in life but these two hours were one of the strangest in my life. Being in a big city, suddenly without chance to contact your friends, use google maps, felt stranger than I could have imagined. I am a one happy Apple customer – this is how customer service should be like in every company. And though I never made it to Battery Park, I did make it to the after party (people here find it funny how excited I am of rooftops above apartments but again, this was the best part).

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