Week in snaps



1. I think I’ve never seen anyone so happy than Kristina when she got a perfect gluten-free pasta dish in front of her. 2. Dining in coziest Italian family owned restaurant ever, Palma. The buffalo mozzarella had been milked the same day in Italy and immediately flew NYC – you could tell  3. Luca defeating cold with a Immune Booster juice, including 3 gloves of garlic, beet, spirulina, wheatgrass, carrots, ginger, cayenne…  4. Froyo break from the office with Luca and Jenny 5. Hanging at Jenny’s office 6. Afterwork at Dumbo seashore 7. Best ice cream in town 8. Deliciousness in the Hamptons 9. Breakfast in Brooklyn with Ella ❤ 10. Pure perfectness in liquid form 11. Lazy Sunday on a panorama rooftop on Wall Street 12. Dining with a visitor coming from an Europe trip and the gorgeous view from hotel room 13. At Luca’s work in water store Molecule in East Village 14. After a fun night out in West Village

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

IMG_4238 IMG_4244 IMG_4248 IMG_4249 IMG_4252 IMG_4256 IMG_4258 IMG_4291 IMG_4295 IMG_4299 IMG_4304 IMG_4318 IMG_4323 IMG_4328 IMG_4331 IMG_4338 IMG_4340 IMG_4351

No words or pictures can do justice for our day trip experience in the Hamptons. Some memories hit deep into your mind – this day become certainly a memory of a lifetime for me. I cannot imagine anything better than hitting the road from the most hectic block, Times Square, finding yourself in a couple of hours with a bunch of friends on a deserted beach on the Atlantic Ocean. The journey itself there was a blast – Luca was our driver and having lived in Hamptons for 8 years, we drove around in places we never would have ended up with a bus. I could not help but sticking my head out of the window and enjoy the views, music speed and my company. One of those moments in life when you notice how strongly you are living in the moment and you would not want to be anywhere else.

The day only kept getting better. After lying hours at the beach, we managed to find a perfect pool. Shower and clean towels were a cherry on top of the cake and reminded us how the best things often happen unplanned. Next, we drove to South Hampton downtown and had the most perfect, fresh pizza. Sangria had never tasted better. Spotting Olivia Palermo with her boyfriend crossing the street next to our restaurant did not help the unreal feeling of the day. The couple looked as gorgeous and stylish as what we have used to see on the pages of magazines.  The boys did not get our reaction but Kristina & I nearly got our heart to stop for a while. We ended the day to wondering around beautiful harbor town Sag Harbor, another place that we would never have ended up without a “local guide”. And again, even though the day had been perfect in every way and I could have stayed there, the feeling of seeing the Manhattan skyline made us all feel emotional. Most people can agree that there is something extremely addictive in New York City. Another spontaneous day full of adventures.

Under the downpour


The best things appear when you least expect. A very random chain of events led to an opportunity for us to visit the MoMa rain room. Another thing that I love in New York – thanks to people’s cordiality, might get an opportunity to experience something you would’ve not even come to think of. I had never heard of Rain Room but turned out Jenny had been wanting to go there for a while, but queuing normally takes up to 4 hours. Another experience that went straight to my unforgettable memories -locker. Being able to, for a moment, escape the prevailing heat outside topped the experience of being surrounded by the refreshing rain.

Afterwards, we were happy to take part to Jenny’s work-related task to search for a perfect rooftop for an event. The Hudson hotel ended up being our absolute favorite. View to the Hudson river, laid-back atmosphere with a hammock was a perfect place for relax after work.

“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”

IMG_4032 IMG_4035 IMG_4042IMG_4046IMG_4050IMG_4053 IMG_4064IMG_4166IMG_4070IMG_4067IMG_4068 IMG_4071IMG_4074 IMG_4079IMG_4081IMG_4083IMG_4085IMG_4096IMG_4102IMG_4104

The following day of Jenny’s birthday evening the tired group gathered to have brunch at Jeffrey’s in West  Village. What a better way to start off a lazy Saturday than with some omelets&sandwiches, good company and a mimosa, of course. After brunch we found ourselves toasting on Le Bain rooftop, which was a perfect place to lie on couches and stare the views over Manhattan and the Hudson river. Later ending up for some sushi and (2 rounds of) froyo, mmm. Evening got emotional as we had to say goodbye for the first member of our NYC family to leave the city. The goodbyes were pretty comic though as it consisted “destroying” a remaining (huge) store credit to Wholefoods and a free auction of everything that could not be carried back home – I got lucky with a metrocard and beauty products.

I started Sunday with a tour to Brooklyn. I figured it was time after staying 6 weeks pretty tightly within Manhattan, not to mention Bedford street is one metro stop from my place. Wandering around Williamsburg, visiting a chocolate factory including “some” tasting and a perfect latte. Ending up to the seashore and trying to absorb everything experienced during the past weeks. A visit in Prospect Park and adoring the beautiful streets of Brooklyn. Once getting back to the island, I felt a sudden need to still go to Central Park, feeling the vibes in Upper West Side at the same trip. Something that I love in the city – within a day, you can experience so many different areas, which each has their own unique vibes.

Happy birthday Jenny <3

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One of those indescribable nights that made me feel insanely grateful of the people I’ve met here and can now call best friends.  After all, it is the people that make you feel home in a new place. The city and my new family here will make saying goodbye next week hard. Luckily, goodbyes are always temporarily.

P.S. Check out Jenny’s photo diary  jajenny.tumblr.com. She owns the NYC lifestyle.

Heights & roller coasters


For me, it’s not exercising. Not many places give me the same adrenaline rush which the staring the views at Top of the Rock does. I have a thing for heights and the view of New York is something I could stare forever. There is something magical in the sun setting, one by one turning on the millions of lights. Also, it is weird how some experiences get you to crave for others. As soon as we took the elevator back on the ground, I felt a sudden need to either go back up or get on a roller coaster – another obsession for me. At that moment, I would’ve given anything to get on a ride. Which made me think of a day back in Asia last year. We were in Universal Studios with Terhi and luckily we both happen to love roller coasters – we went non-stop as we just could not get enough.

This time I had to repress the feeling with a huge bowl of froyo. Roller coaster ride – something on my to-do list while in Finland next month.

Only in New York -moments

IMG_3753 IMG_3951  IMG_3849 IMG_3852 IMG_3855 IMG_3863IMG_3876IMG_3877 IMG_3878 IMG_3954 IMG_3960 IMG_3970 IMG_3621 IMG_3591 IMG_3594 IMG_3603 IMG_3620 IMG_3613 IMG_3636 IMG_3659 IMG_3663 IMG_3677

Evenings spent at the fire escape, with wine and in good company

Sunday night listening the most amazing blues

Pancake brunch with my guest from home ❤

Escaping the rain for hours over coffee in Eataly

At the Ballet Theatre fountain

Takeaway sushi and froyo everyday, twice a day (not kidding)

Burgers at Shake Shack

Working in my new discovery – Whynot café in West Village

View over Central Park at MET rooftop garden

Experiencing the gay parade all over Manhattan on a Sunday

Saturday Moma day block party in Queens

Good times ❤

P.S. The vocalist of the band we saw on Sunday night at Terra blues is performing in Finland this weekend. I am pretty confident that nothing can beat the experience of listening them perform on a intimate New York club for only a handful of people. Still – if in Pori this weekend, this man is worth seeing.