Best day…. Ever.

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The title is a quote of Jenny’s but there is no other way to describe our Saturday day trip to the Hamptons. You do not feel the exhaustion but spending five weeks in the city, being too restless to sleep or spend any time home, is consuming. The feeling of landing on a beach and feeling the wind of the Atlantic Ocean, was indescribable. For the first time pausing for a second, absorbing everything experienced during the last five weeks.

The beach itself was not it, but more the feeling of discovering such place so near my ultimate best place in the world, New York City. This is the difference to other incredible beaches I’ve seen – the city is so close. No need to fly to the other end of the world to find a perfect place to relax. Just for a day, as that’s all we needed. Already towards the evening, the pace of the big city, the streets and lights, started to tempt me again. That’s how New York is, addictive. Twisted, I know, but in the end, it’s the big cities I’ve meant to be in. Recharging every once in a while in isolation only confirms the feeling.

We hiked (truly felt like it in the heat) from Montauk beach to the most laid-back yet cool restaurant Surf Lodge. Finding a hammock in the middle of nowhere on our way was a perfect pitstop. Once ending up to our destination, The Surf Lodge immediately became my Hamptons mecca. Every time in Hamptons from now on (;) I need to go and have the perfect squash salad. The lazy day was followed by a private wine tasting at the beach. From a brown bag, of course. Simply the best day ever. Or at least, one of them. Thank you girls for making this day go straight to the unforgettable moments -category. “Life is a movie” – another corny quote a la Jenny & Sonja created in between laughs and jokes at the beach.

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