Heights & roller coasters


For me, it’s not exercising. Not many places give me the same adrenaline rush which the staring the views at Top of the Rock does. I have a thing for heights and the view of New York is something I could stare forever. There is something magical in the sun setting, one by one turning on the millions of lights. Also, it is weird how some experiences get you to crave for others. As soon as we took the elevator back on the ground, I felt a sudden need to either go back up or get on a roller coaster – another obsession for me. At that moment, I would’ve given anything to get on a ride. Which made me think of a day back in Asia last year. We were in Universal Studios with Terhi and luckily we both happen to love roller coasters – we went non-stop as we just could not get enough.

This time I had to repress the feeling with a huge bowl of froyo. Roller coaster ride – something on my to-do list while in Finland next month.

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