“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”

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The following day of Jenny’s birthday evening the tired group gathered to have brunch at Jeffrey’s in West  Village. What a better way to start off a lazy Saturday than with some omelets&sandwiches, good company and a mimosa, of course. After brunch we found ourselves toasting on Le Bain rooftop, which was a perfect place to lie on couches and stare the views over Manhattan and the Hudson river. Later ending up for some sushi and (2 rounds of) froyo, mmm. Evening got emotional as we had to say goodbye for the first member of our NYC family to leave the city. The goodbyes were pretty comic though as it consisted “destroying” a remaining (huge) store credit to Wholefoods and a free auction of everything that could not be carried back home – I got lucky with a metrocard and beauty products.

I started Sunday with a tour to Brooklyn. I figured it was time after staying 6 weeks pretty tightly within Manhattan, not to mention Bedford street is one metro stop from my place. Wandering around Williamsburg, visiting a chocolate factory including “some” tasting and a perfect latte. Ending up to the seashore and trying to absorb everything experienced during the past weeks. A visit in Prospect Park and adoring the beautiful streets of Brooklyn. Once getting back to the island, I felt a sudden need to still go to Central Park, feeling the vibes in Upper West Side at the same trip. Something that I love in the city – within a day, you can experience so many different areas, which each has their own unique vibes.

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