Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

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No words or pictures can do justice for our day trip experience in the Hamptons. Some memories hit deep into your mind – this day become certainly a memory of a lifetime for me. I cannot imagine anything better than hitting the road from the most hectic block, Times Square, finding yourself in a couple of hours with a bunch of friends on a deserted beach on the Atlantic Ocean. The journey itself there was a blast – Luca was our driver and having lived in Hamptons for 8 years, we drove around in places we never would have ended up with a bus. I could not help but sticking my head out of the window and enjoy the views, music speed and my company. One of those moments in life when you notice how strongly you are living in the moment and you would not want to be anywhere else.

The day only kept getting better. After lying hours at the beach, we managed to find a perfect pool. Shower and clean towels were a cherry on top of the cake and reminded us how the best things often happen unplanned. Next, we drove to South Hampton downtown and had the most perfect, fresh pizza. Sangria had never tasted better. Spotting Olivia Palermo with her boyfriend crossing the street next to our restaurant did not help the unreal feeling of the day. The couple looked as gorgeous and stylish as what we have used to see on the pages of magazines.  The boys did not get our reaction but Kristina & I nearly got our heart to stop for a while. We ended the day to wondering around beautiful harbor town Sag Harbor, another place that we would never have ended up without a “local guide”. And again, even though the day had been perfect in every way and I could have stayed there, the feeling of seeing the Manhattan skyline made us all feel emotional. Most people can agree that there is something extremely addictive in New York City. Another spontaneous day full of adventures.

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