Week in snaps



1. I think I’ve never seen anyone so happy than Kristina when she got a perfect gluten-free pasta dish in front of her. 2. Dining in coziest Italian family owned restaurant ever, Palma. The buffalo mozzarella had been milked the same day in Italy and immediately flew NYC – you could tell  3. Luca defeating cold with a Immune Booster juice, including 3 gloves of garlic, beet, spirulina, wheatgrass, carrots, ginger, cayenne…  4. Froyo break from the office with Luca and Jenny 5. Hanging at Jenny’s office 6. Afterwork at Dumbo seashore 7. Best ice cream in town 8. Deliciousness in the Hamptons 9. Breakfast in Brooklyn with Ella ❤ 10. Pure perfectness in liquid form 11. Lazy Sunday on a panorama rooftop on Wall Street 12. Dining with a visitor coming from an Europe trip and the gorgeous view from hotel room 13. At Luca’s work in water store Molecule in East Village 14. After a fun night out in West Village

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