How about upgrading your daily choices?

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I love the way I’ve been surrounded by health conscious people lately. I’ve still got plenty to learn what it comes to nutrition but I’ve picked bits of information of the “gurus” and adopted to my diet. One of them is coffee.

As a coffee lover, I refuse to think that coffee is bad for you. I loved Luca’s answer when I asked him whether I should ditch coffee. He told: “Whatever you think is good for your soul, then it is healthy.” Happily, I’ve been drinking my morning coffee since, upgraded though.  I’m lucky to have a boss who weekly visits a coffee shop to purchase beans that have just arrived from their picking location. He also knows the different species of beans well enough to pick us the most delicious ones… We then grind the beans by ourselves and I have learned to do my coffee with an AirPress. Luca also taught me to not be afraid of the fat. Now, I drink my coffee with full milk, cream, even butter. My latest discovery is coconut oil. At the office, I might add vanilla extract and cinnamon… Can’t imagine a better booster to the working day. As café exploring happens to be one of my favorite activities wherever I am, I of course don’t mind the huge milky cappuccinos enjoyed on afternoon breaks or lazy weekends…

Exploring Cheung Sha beaches

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I was surprised to find that one of the longest beach of Hong Kong, located in Lantau, was that empty on a perfect Saturday. Apparently Cheung Sha is to some extent still, a well kept secret. This worked perfectly for my state to recharge after a week spent in the beating city.  I might be saying this every week, but besides Sai Wan, Cheung Sha became my absolute favorite escape spot. Again, I could not but feel amazed by how quickly you can get from the the hectic city to almost deserted and most beautiful little beach village. Lower Cheung Sha beach has a couple of cute restaurants, of which we picked High Tide, an authentic Thai restaurant that I had read praising reviews of. Unfortunately, my delicious chicken&vegetable curry did not leave room for ice cream, which itself is a reason to go back to this place. After a few relaxing hours under the trees (the sun was burning hot) and dipping into the sea, we walked through a small path that connects lower and upper beaches of Cheung Sha. The upper beach appeared to be for what seemed endlessly long. Few surfers in the sea and groups of friends on the sand created an atmosphere of such laid-backness, all this with the sun setting behind the hills. Hong Kong never seems to stop amazing me.

P.S. The last pic is from the bus on way back. The bus rides often offer the most beautiful views. It is a shame that these views are almost impossible to capture behind the glass. Here is a try, however.

HK food exploring – Dandy’s Organic Café

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It is not my best kept secret that I love healthy food. After being a month (!) in Hong Kong now, I can say that I’ve made few discoveries for what it comes to restaurants. A lot more exploring needs to be done but I’m glad I have guidance and people with same mindset around me. I’m beyond happy of Emily appearing into my life, who has become a dear friend. Besides having the sweetest personality, she also happens to love everything related to nutrition, yoga and wellbeing. I’ve happily tried all her discoveries and we’re even planning on running a business together in the future, ha.

There is not too many organic and fresh serving food in this city, which is why we were really excited to discover Dandy’s organic cafe in Sheung Wan.  The owner, Australian Vivi, uses organic and local ingredients as much as possible, which can be seen in the quality of the food. . The menu has a wide range of choices to health conscious eaters. Today I had a lunch salad in this cute place, though I can’t wait to go back and try the juices and desserts… Such refreshing to have a fresh salad after all the rice&veggies or eggs/veggies that I’ve been eating here. I also LOVED the fact that I got soup of the day besides my salad for price of 9 HKD (less than 1€). The restaurant itself is cozy and personally decorated – one wall was covered with pictures of Vivi’s adventures. She has clearly put effort to the menu by carefully planning each dish to fulfill nutritional needs. Such an inspiring person!

Dandy’s Organic Café is located at 108 Jervois Street in Sheung Wan.

Mid-Autumn festival

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Mid Autumn festival is one of the most important holiday traditions in China. Most people celebrate it by friends and family coming together, giving thank you to the harvest and praying for longevity and good future. For me, it meant a day off with perfect timing. I used the day to day things that I crave, but had neglected for too long, claiming lack of time. I discovered a yoga club of my dreams and am now a happy member. Afternoon I tried a foot massage, which already would’ve made the day perfect. I had planned tennis date though so I got picked up, and we drove the beautiful hills to a tennis club in Midlevels. Once again, I could not but be impressed by the fancy tennis club, with its beautiful courts and swimming pool with gorgeous views over the city. I continued to have some wine with a new Parisian friend in Classified, my new favorite wine bar. Another casual yet such a memorable day.

A day in life

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Most of the days I do not spend at the beach or exploring the nearby islands, but in very familiar scenes. The working hours are long, which is why I need to plan carefully how to spend the remaining hours of the day. This makes me anxiously wait the time as a student here, with a more flexible schedule. For now though, I’ve got used to the long hours and just feel lucky to be able to work in this city. I decided to shoot just  normal day to show you my daily life. This was the first (and only for now:) day that I went for a morning walk before work. After shower and breakfast, a walk to the office from Wan Chai to Happy Valley. I’ve started to enjoy the walk, especially when leaving the office in the evening, just before sunset. The light is really beautiful and you cannot but be touched by the view when walking next to the race course, being in between the sky scrapers and the hills of Midlevels.

It happened to be Mid Autumn festival week, so we decided to go look at the lanterns in Victoria Park after work. All in all, I’ve only now begun to get routines to the week days and to exercising. The first weeks went quickly by, seeing friends and attending different events to get to know people. Now, I enjoy doing a hike with a friend to Victoria Peak in the evening, or going to yoga. Or massage, like last night, is not a bad choice either.  This way I’ve got energy when the weekend arrives, to make the most out of them. I enjoy every day here, but weekends are the absolute highlights.


Quick update!

As people back home are asking – I’m OK! I have now safely trapped myself into my tiny little apartment and stored food for longer time than the storm can possibly last. I could sense the strong wind already on Friday, which of course culminated this afternoon. At 4pm you could already feel the typhoon just behind the corner, and at 6pm I nearly made it back home by foot, so strong was the wind. I would’ve wanted to still go and have a massage near by but once checking the warning situation, I knew there was no way getting out of the house anymore.

It is kind of scary to sit in my little room, next to the windows, not knowing how long it will take, or how strong it can evolve. Warning 8 means a day off tomorrow, which sounds good, but I don’t know how long I can sit inside 4 walls. A whole new experience for me, that’s for sure.


The last place I went to… 😉 my Sunday weak spot, Forever 21.


Shek O

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Saturday we agreed to take a “easy way out” and go to a beach within the island. I kind of expected that this would mean a tiny beach among the expat residences. The village of of Shek O turned out to be an authentic, cute little village with a beautiful beach. The village reminded me of Thailand and Bali, which made this spot a perfect get away, once again. The last shot is from Saturday night celebrations at Sevva bar, which immediately became one of our new favorites, with a huge rooftop terrace overlooking the skyline of Kowloon.