Hong Kong life

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It has been a week now in my new home city of 7 months. To be honest, at first, I could not resist comparing and deeply missing New York. As the days have passed, however, I am truly starting to be excited and happy to be here. I am getting to used to the things that first appeared unbearable, even my 3 sq mt room and the worst shower ever. I’m in Hong Kong – I’ve just got to adjust, I tell myself. The feeling of excitement of discovering a new place exceeds my self-indulgence.

Last week was all about getting to know my neighborhoods in Wan Chai, which I really start to like. Elina has been my saving angel in terms of being social – I spent the nights of last week with her and her exchange group of friends. Another person of whose popping into my life this summer I am so grateful of. With my colleagues, we hiked to see Big Buddha monument which was a rather rough starting to my hiking career. Friday having drinks over a breathtaking view of the city at Wooloomooloo. Saturday spent at island Cheung Chau, tasting dim sum dishes and soooo good mango desserts. Several trips to Ikea, which thank god is located at 10 minute walk from my home. Overall, the life is definitely different than what I’ve ever experienced – I’m truly happy to take it all in and see what this city has to offer.

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