I <3 Helsinki

IMG_4674 IMG_4699 IMG_4701

rapu rapujuhlatIMG_4709 IMG_4733 IMG_4742  IMG_4789 IMG_4791 IMG_4792 IMG_4793 IMG_4796 IMG_4802 IMG_4804 IMG_4808 IMG_4825 IMG_4820 IMG_4832 IMG_4834 IMG_4855 IMG_4860 IMG_4862 IMG_4869 IMG_4878 IMG_4896

Last weeks in Finland I spent in the best company, enjoying my beloved home city and the best month of the year. The weeks filled up with endless coffee sessions, brunches, power walks, family dinners, drinks at the very same bar Groteski for too many times, the annual crab fest…. One of the tops also was to work at Flow Festival. For the first time, work really didn’t feel like work while I could listen the artist, wonder around the area and catch up with friends. I also got to live on some of my favorite streets in Helsinki, first enjoying hospitality of dear Assi <3, after which spending some time just by myself. The last picture is just hours before departure, last goodbyes before the ones said to family…. Even though I’ve had the opportunity to live in my favorite city in the world, NYC, and now in Hong Kong, I love to call Helsinki my home. Traveling is the best way to appreciate the time actually spent there.

Not to get too sentimental, next time I’ll post about the Hong Kong life. Even though browsing pictures from Finland makes me miss the moments spent there, I could not be happier here. I guess you have to step out of the comfort zone to experience how exciting life can be.

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