Sunday hiking

IMG_2219b IMG_2222m IMG_2243b IMG_2251b_edited-1 IMG_2252b IMG_2266b IMG_2273b

What I love the most about this city is how it is a metropolis yet there is so much nature and near-by paradises to discover. A metro and taxi ride can bring you to most beautiful and deserted scenes. The other Sunday we hiked our way to the breathtaking beaches of Sai Wan. A hike through a small village with a couple of family owned restaurants and cows all over, to the beaches of white sand and more clear water you could imagine to find from the coast of China Sea. A perfect way to recharge for an upcoming working week and connect with the nature.

I was happy to learn that my university to-be is located in these neighborhoods. Somehow moving away from the city does not feel that unappealing anymore…. Luckily though I’ve got many more months to discover the heart of the city.

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