Quick update!

As people back home are asking – I’m OK! I have now safely trapped myself into my tiny little apartment and stored food for longer time than the storm can possibly last. I could sense the strong wind already on Friday, which of course culminated this afternoon. At 4pm you could already feel the typhoon just behind the corner, and at 6pm I nearly made it back home by foot, so strong was the wind. I would’ve wanted to still go and have a massage near by but once checking the warning situation, I knew there was no way getting out of the house anymore.

It is kind of scary to sit in my little room, next to the windows, not knowing how long it will take, or how strong it can evolve. Warning 8 means a day off tomorrow, which sounds good, but I don’t know how long I can sit inside 4 walls. A whole new experience for me, that’s for sure.


The last place I went to… 😉 my Sunday weak spot, Forever 21.


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