A day in life

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Most of the days I do not spend at the beach or exploring the nearby islands, but in very familiar scenes. The working hours are long, which is why I need to plan carefully how to spend the remaining hours of the day. This makes me anxiously wait the time as a student here, with a more flexible schedule. For now though, I’ve got used to the long hours and just feel lucky to be able to work in this city. I decided to shoot just  normal day to show you my daily life. This was the first (and only for now:) day that I went for a morning walk before work. After shower and breakfast, a walk to the office from Wan Chai to Happy Valley. I’ve started to enjoy the walk, especially when leaving the office in the evening, just before sunset. The light is really beautiful and you cannot but be touched by the view when walking next to the race course, being in between the sky scrapers and the hills of Midlevels.

It happened to be Mid Autumn festival week, so we decided to go look at the lanterns in Victoria Park after work. All in all, I’ve only now begun to get routines to the week days and to exercising. The first weeks went quickly by, seeing friends and attending different events to get to know people. Now, I enjoy doing a hike with a friend to Victoria Peak in the evening, or going to yoga. Or massage, like last night, is not a bad choice either.  This way I’ve got energy when the weekend arrives, to make the most out of them. I enjoy every day here, but weekends are the absolute highlights.

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