Mid-Autumn festival

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Mid Autumn festival is one of the most important holiday traditions in China. Most people celebrate it by friends and family coming together, giving thank you to the harvest and praying for longevity and good future. For me, it meant a day off with perfect timing. I used the day to day things that I crave, but had neglected for too long, claiming lack of time. I discovered a yoga club of my dreams and am now a happy member. Afternoon I tried a foot massage, which already would’ve made the day perfect. I had planned tennis date though so I got picked up, and we drove the beautiful hills to a tennis club in Midlevels. Once again, I could not but be impressed by the fancy tennis club, with its beautiful courts and swimming pool with gorgeous views over the city. I continued to have some wine with a new Parisian friend in Classified, my new favorite wine bar. Another casual yet such a memorable day.

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