HK food exploring – Dandy’s Organic Café

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It is not my best kept secret that I love healthy food. After being a month (!) in Hong Kong now, I can say that I’ve made few discoveries for what it comes to restaurants. A lot more exploring needs to be done but I’m glad I have guidance and people with same mindset around me. I’m beyond happy of Emily appearing into my life, who has become a dear friend. Besides having the sweetest personality, she also happens to love everything related to nutrition, yoga and wellbeing. I’ve happily tried all her discoveries and we’re even planning on running a business together in the future, ha.

There is not too many organic and fresh serving food in this city, which is why we were really excited to discover Dandy’s organic cafe in Sheung Wan.  The owner, Australian Vivi, uses organic and local ingredients as much as possible, which can be seen in the quality of the food. . The menu has a wide range of choices to health conscious eaters. Today I had a lunch salad in this cute place, though I can’t wait to go back and try the juices and desserts… Such refreshing to have a fresh salad after all the rice&veggies or eggs/veggies that I’ve been eating here. I also LOVED the fact that I got soup of the day besides my salad for price of 9 HKD (less than 1€). The restaurant itself is cozy and personally decorated – one wall was covered with pictures of Vivi’s adventures. She has clearly put effort to the menu by carefully planning each dish to fulfill nutritional needs. Such an inspiring person!

Dandy’s Organic Café is located at 108 Jervois Street in Sheung Wan.

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