How about upgrading your daily choices?

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I love the way I’ve been surrounded by health conscious people lately. I’ve still got plenty to learn what it comes to nutrition but I’ve picked bits of information of the “gurus” and adopted to my diet. One of them is coffee.

As a coffee lover, I refuse to think that coffee is bad for you. I loved Luca’s answer when I asked him whether I should ditch coffee. He told: “Whatever you think is good for your soul, then it is healthy.” Happily, I’ve been drinking my morning coffee since, upgraded though.  I’m lucky to have a boss who weekly visits a coffee shop to purchase beans that have just arrived from their picking location. He also knows the different species of beans well enough to pick us the most delicious ones… We then grind the beans by ourselves and I have learned to do my coffee with an AirPress. Luca also taught me to not be afraid of the fat. Now, I drink my coffee with full milk, cream, even butter. My latest discovery is coconut oil. At the office, I might add vanilla extract and cinnamon… Can’t imagine a better booster to the working day. As café exploring happens to be one of my favorite activities wherever I am, I of course don’t mind the huge milky cappuccinos enjoyed on afternoon breaks or lazy weekends…

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