Never knew Fall could be this good

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Time continues to fly by quicker than ever. Tuesday we had another National holiday, of which we naturally made the most out of, spending the day at the beach. Emily and I discovered another beautiful little beach village, Pui O in Lantau. Again I was amazed by how much these surroundings reminded me of the isolated areas in Thailand or Bali. Even the climate is a lot more humid than in the city. We spent the day visioning potential business ideas, which hopefully one day we turn to actual business. I have noticed how strongly changing the environment from familiar surroundings to new places is in correlation with the flow of ideas.

For a Finn, I can not but feel grateful for the current climate. Fall has arrived to Hong Kong which can now be clearly sensed. The humidity is gone and instead, the weather is mild yet warm.  Shortly, I can easily say I have never in my pass enjoyed any climate as much as I do now.

At last dinner back home my mom said: “Remember that moving to a new place is followed by three phases. First, you’re excited about everything. Then, you get home sick. After recovering from this, you start to enjoy it again”.  Although mom referred the time period to being many months, I somehow feel I already experienced all three phases. After the first week of excitement, I could not avoid but starting to compare Hong Kong to New York as well as Helsinki, and deeply missing them both. The feeling of being isolated from my close ones was also strong. Now, I cannot but wonder why I was feeling down. This city is amazing and it feels so strongly like home that it will be really hard to ever leave this place. I love to explore areas and find the ones for you. I think I’ve now found mine here. I now know that when I’m feeling anxious or stressed out, I head to the hippie yet peaceful streets of Sheung Wan. Hiking to the peak once in a week is already a routine I would not give up of. The list goes on. I think I’ll now head to pick up couple of Mana’s raw chocolate truffles…

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