Endless Summer

bIMG_2398 bIMG_2410 bIMG_2414 bIMG_2418  bIMG_2422 bIMG_2425 bIMG_2427 bIMG_2429 bIMG_2432 bIMG_2442  bIMG_2456IMG_5611 IMG_5614bIMG_2479 bIMG_2481 bIMG_2486 bIMG_2487 bIMG_2490 bIMG_2493 bIMG_2497 bIMG_2499_edited-1

Hong Kong has many breath taking beaches, but Sai Wan just seems too good to be true. We had heard a lot of the cliff jumping spot and did not want to miss the fork in the road which takes you to this heaven on earth. The place proved to be beyond beautiful with the waterfalls and nature pool, but cliff jumping was the cherry on top. The feeling of adrenaline after jumping and landing to the water is more refreshing than words can describe. If the working weeks occasionally feel long and stressful, this definitely cleared my mind of any negative thoughts. Day trips are never a bad idea.

2 thoughts on “Endless Summer

  1. Hey, Nice post! I’m thinking of visiting Sai Kung next time I visit to Hong Kong in October. Was wondering if you know if the place is as beautiful as the photos during that time? Thanks, Ken

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