Photo diary



1. Friday night “house” party and an infinity pool  2. Sunday rooftop brunch in Mid Levels and afternoon getting lost in Soho 3. Cliff jumping in Sai Kung 4. Winner feeling once reaching the Peak 5. Food favorites: coconut curry, Mana salads, Life chocolate cake and Maya Café juices (even one self prepared salad!) 6. Afternoon coffee moments in Classified 7. First glass of wine at Ted’s Lookout

Browsing through pictures captured through iphone during past couple weeks serve as a perfect reminder of how much fun I’ve had. Every day can be an adventure, but at the same time, I love the routines I’ve developed here. Hiking once a week to the peak is a must. Perfect coffee shop hunting is my favorite activity and all three Classifieds on the island have become my favorite spots to do some writing, reading or having a perfect cappucino or wine with a friend. Most people find the trams to be too slow – for me, it is the moment of the day to just sit and enjoy the ride to downtown.

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