Sunday on a boat

IMG_6088IMG_6004IMG_6005 IMG_6015IMG_6028IMG_6039IMG_6042IMG_6044IMG_6051IMG_6055IMG_6057IMG_6060IMG_6066IMG_6074IMG_6076IMG_6078IMG_6082

Though I am aware of repeating myself often, no photos or words, once again, can do justice to the past weekend. Having no good friends in the city led me to new adventures, deepening friendships and establishing new ones. Until last, I hesitated on whether to take part to this junk boat party as I only knew one person beforehand. I knew it was a going to be a group in which everyone else knew each other. I took the risk, which obviously turned out to be worth it, both girls and guys taking me immediately part of the group, sharing their stories from all over the globe – for the first time in a long time, I was the only Scandinavian. Another memorable day in the city that keeps surprising me over and over again.

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