Sheung Wan


Sheung Wan is by no question the area that I would settle in if I stayed longer in the center area.  It is no surprise that I love coffee shops and tiny restaurants, which Sheung Wan is full of. I also love idyllic vibes that the beautiful alleys and hilly scenes bring. Considering the location, I find it incredible that such an peaceful and quiet area can be found so near to the hectic Central. This is the place where I escape to when the hazzle of the city gets too much for me. I take a book or grab a friend and go to one of the endless small cafés. It is the best time of the year now in Hong Kong, which even more makes every day spent feel special.

Last Saturday a male friend of mine crashed to my what was supposed to be a getting organized session in Classified. We ended up ditching the books and laptops and having a beating hang over dinner, first with coffee, followed by wine. After which, getting some more wine and enjoyed on nearby steps on a deserted alley, in the light of a full moon. I guess I had at some point mentioned of my attraction towards shisha, as he at some point announced it was time to hit a shisha bar, and so we headed to a Moroccan bar Sahara in Soho. The double apple was as good as my memories from Bali a couple years back. Unfortunately, this sin caused me getting a flu, which I have now suffered all week. The double apple will definitely remain a once in every two years manner…

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