Infinity pool


I’m fully aware that I repeat myself after every weekend spent here, but I simply can not help it.  Though Hong Kong has exceeded all my expectations already long ago, once again, I am speechless of its beauty. I honestly never thought I would find anything like this from Hong Kong. The citys ability to get you, at one moment, feel like the only people in the world in a middle of a rainforest, and at the next moment surrounded by so many people, in the vibrant city, with endless possibilities. Like my experience last weekend, this day made me deeply aware and grateful of the fact that I actually get to live in this city for which I am falling more and more as the times passes. I can not but feel deep gratitude to the factors that have enabled this experience. In my case, I need to thank my parents for paying the taxes and my company for flexibility. Above all, I am grateful for myself for being persistent and not settling for anything less. These are the experiences that make it worth to being a world apart from family and friends.

5 thoughts on “Infinity pool

  1. Incredible photos – plus we seem to share the same reading list! Say – may I be in touch about this trip? Want to go with some friends over the long weekend 1st of May and am new to Hong Kong. Big cheers – Florian.

  2. What an amazing trip & great photos! It seems we are sharing the same reading list, too! 🙂
    Say, may I be in touch about this trip? I am planning a hike with a few select friends over the long weekend 1st of May and am new to Hong Kong. I’d much appreciate your help! Big cheers – Florian.

    • Dear Florian, Hong Kong and the infinity pool is amazing indeed. Of course, I’d love to exchange thoughts and give you tips 🙂 Enjoy HK! Sonja

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