“Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.”


Though this city could never drive me to boredom, I must admit, I am happy the first era of my time here is coming to an end. My internship of past 6 months has enabled more than I could have hoped for in many terms, but I’m ready to continue the adventures. After four years of studying non-motivating subjects for me, working in more or less non-motivating jobs during past summers, I feel like I truly need some time to listen to myself and figure out what I want to do next. I could not feel more relieved and blessed to have no obligations of any sort for two months.


I am more motivated than ever to pursue my true interests and start creating something on my own. The feeling of having an own business has only strengthened in me during the past months.  I want to focus my energy in learning new. Here, I’ve constantly been reading books about nutrition, which appeal to me a lot. Also, it is not a coincidence that I eat most of my meals here at Mana. At the same time, I am thinking of how to make most out of my time before starting master studies.


Although Hong Kong still has a lot to give, right now I can not wait for my travels to start. People ask me how come I am not scared to travel by myself . Of course, I am a bit, but more than that, I’m curious of the adventures that await me. And it’s not like I have not done it before, knowing exactly one person before hand in both New York and Hong Kong. Restless by nature, I can’t wait to relocate myself and get inspired in new surroundings.

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