Luckily, many people I met in Mabul had come from Sepilok, the home of rainforest and orangutans. I got advice to stay in Paganakan Dii, which proved to be the mecca for relaxing. Two days now I’ve been lying in hammocks, had super interesting conversations with people and of course saw the orangutans. We saw a touching video of the rehabilitation of the orangutans back to the nature after found as orphans or starving in secondary rainforests where there is not enough food left for them. It was fascinating to see creatures sharing 96% same DNA as humans.

The people in Malaysia are beyond welcoming and friendly, which makes any place so much more appealing. Traveling alone has been both exciting and rewarding –  I’ve very rarely ended up being alone and met great people that I might have missed otherwise. Also, it is funny how you end up finding such similar minded people. I spent 5 days in Mabul with a lovely woman who taught me about sustainable living and growing your own food – something that I want to do one day. In Sepilok I had one of the most interesting conversations with a guy who believes in working half an year and traveling the other half. This same guy happened to have the exact same flight with me to Bali from Kota Kinabalu, so funny. Above all, he is a diving instructor who could teach me the qualification to advanced diving license. Yet another example how things can end up going ever better that you had hoped for. Though this time looks like my advanced course has to wait, as I am already exploring new opportunities elsewhere.

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