Borneo iPhone diary


1. “Killing time” at nearby islands in Kota Kinabalu while waiting next flight 2. Daily coconut on my balcony in Uncle Chang 3. Amazing sunsets at Mabul 4. My first dive and seeing 10 turtles 5. Walking around the paradise island 6. Fresh lime juice at Paganakan Dii 7. Super chill lunching area and balcony 8. Adorable baby orangutan with her mom (not taken with iPhone) 9. Bus ride via Mount Kinabalu 10. Pure deliciousness at KK

Looking back at Borneo pics bring so many amazing memories of the days I spent on Mabul island, enjoying the warmth, clear water, diving and great company. Being at Uncle Chang felt like living in a bubble where all connection to your normal life was very limited, making all worries disappear and enjoy the present moment. I now very well understand the appeal of life as a dive instructor…

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