As my last visit was way too short, I am beyond happy to be back in one of my favorite places ever. Ubud in Bali is a heaven for healthy food lovers, yoga and everything hip. The first nights I stayed in the middle of the rice fields, waking up at 6 to the crowing of roosters. One day I walked my way to Sari Organik, perhaps the coziest restaurant ever, in the middle of rice fields. All food served comes from own garden and is organic and chemical free. Furniture is made of bamboo and you sit on a pillow. I could easily live with the menu and eat in the surroundings for the rest of my life 😉 If ever in Ubud, be sure to try this place out.

Though I would have loved to explore the center more, my stay remained very short after all. I got an extempore opportunity to volunteer for a retreat center nearby. As this has been on my bucketlist for years, I really felt like I needed to take the chance. The decision was hard as it meant canceling plans of spending Christmas at Gili islands with friends as well as diving and exploring other parts of Bali. Despite, I am super excited to contribute and learn in an amazingly beautiful place where you can truly connect with the nature.

2 thoughts on “Ubud

  1. I’m heading to Bali tomorrow and cannot wait! I only planned on spending two nights in Ubud, but from what I’ve heard of other peoples’ experiences, seems like I meant need an extra night or two there!

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