Jiwa Damai


I am happy to volunteer few weeks in the most beautiful place in middle of the nature, Jiwa Damai, a retreat center and organic garden. I feel grateful to observe the growing process and consume organic food that comes from own garden and is prepared with love by a wonderful Balinese staff. I am lucky to eat the same food that the guests do, meaning a three course meal every day :). My job is not the most glamorous, but I feel lucky to spend my days under trees of coconuts, cacao, passion fruit, banana, papaya and so many more. There is even a coconut oil factory here and the oil is used in all cooking. Other own products consist of coconut flakes and dried fruits… In other words this place is my heaven as I dream of having an own health food business one day. Growing methods are based on permaculture, which is always organic but also pursues ways to link everything in the garden together, to provide best possible conditions for the plants and fruits to grow naturally.

Morning yoga as well as evening meditation is a routine here. After work I can take a swim in the huge pool, or head to town with a motorbike. Something that I never considered doing here but now find it necessary and is actually a lot of fun. Perfect way to slow down and connect with the nature before new adventures.

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