Christmas at Bali


Christmas at Bali was everything but traditional. I’ve been working and enjoying the life at Jiwa Damai, occasionally spending the evenings at Ubud. Luckily, I got to spend the “holiday” with a dear friend as Nea stayed in Ubud over Christmas.  Bali showed the heavy side of ongoing rainy season for a few days – Christmas Eve and the day before being worst, making me already wish to have an earlier flight to next destination. However, we started our Christmas with a Balinese dance show, followed by a dinner at Swasti Cottages, a super cosy and relaxed resort away from the immediate center. The food was amazing, however making us badly crave for dessert as we missed the last order and had to settle for chocolate bars from the store. Apparently people are used to dine earlier, as we were left there to eat while all staff finished and left home. I almost sneaked into the kitchen to prepare the mulberry tart with ice cream by myself, but was able contain myself…

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