Last days in Bali



I quit my work at the organic farm few days before my flight to explore some my unseen parts of Bali and relax after the tough working period ;). We drove all the day North to see the biggest temple in Bali, passing endless rice fields and beautiful little villages.

The last two nights I stayed in Canggu, a village I had wanted to visit, and where my friend that I met in Borneo happened to stay. I was happy to accept an invite to stay couple nights in an indescribably beautiful all white villa. The view was to the rice fields, getting breathtaking sunsets. I even did my first exercise in months,  taking a 1km swim in the pool. This time I mostly enjoyed the villa but the glimpses that I saw of Canggu made me want to visit there some day again, to explore the pretty streets and cozy cafés and healthy food restaurants. Even though Bali can be super touristy, I still love the atmosphere and nature of the island, you just need to find the right spots.

One thought on “Last days in Bali

  1. Hi 🙂
    I just found your blog and I love it! Your pictures are beautiful!
    I am travelling at the moment and have started a blog as well.

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