Koh Tao


After staying weeks in the remote garden at Ubud countryside and spending my days working, I could not have been happier to head to Bangkok on New Year’s Eve to reunite with Jenny, my New York sister. I was lucky to spend New Year with many friends from back home, all stopping by on their Asia trips to spend the New Year together. I did not have any expectations of Bangkok as a city, which turned out to be a good thing – I liked many things about it (cheap and overly delicious food for one), whereas Jenny experienced a slight culture shock being the first Asia experience for her. Next day, we toasted for the first day of 2014 at a super fancy sky bar, Lebua. Before the night was over, Jenny, Nea and I decided to head to south the next morning, to enjoy some island time in Koh Tao. Though I must admit we were disappointed to see how touristy the island was, we enjoyed the beach life and super good weather. The night train back turned out to be a good way to get a local experience though it did not provide a lot of sleep..

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