El Nido


After spending some time in Bangkok and Koh Tao, we were ready to escape the crowds. We decided to stick to our original plan and head to the Philippines. After a 6 hour bumpy jeepney ride from Puerto Princeca in Palawan, we arrived to the cutest seaside town ever, El Nido. It exceeded all expectations – not too crowded yet not too small either. El Nido is a perfect combination of a local village with just right amount of other travelers, few beach bars, restaurants and a beach. We stayed in a cute hostel right on the main road and had a huge balcony, perfect for people watching, sipping some white wine and occasional reading sessions. Jenny discovered a perfect book for me from Artcafe, our favorite breakfast spot. Reading the biography of Patti Smith made me miss New York as well as raised many thoughts and led me to the interesting world of artists – something very new.

 Island hopping in El Nido is a must – we got to swim in lagoons, dive into a cave and stopped to lunch to an beach that felt like being the first one ever to visit there. . The boat drivers prepared us a super fresh lunch in front of our eyes, which was easily the best we got in Philippines.


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