Bali culinary paradise

IMG_7145Warung Lada. Super affordable and delicious vegetarian dishes.



Balinese coffee and fresh mango served my by hostel keeper…


Sari Organik. MUST try when in Ubud.


Clear Cafe. Delicious healthy dishes and beverages and impressive yet cozy interior.


Fueling up in between working, authentic Balinese food


Breakfast at Jiwa Damai


The most delicious and FRESH salads ever, Alchemy.


Sari Organik, again


Snacking at Juice Ja Cafe.

IMG_7367Another fresh salad with local ingredients. LOVE tempeh. This was our Christmas Eve dinner 😉

Having eaten campus food for couple months now, I appreciate even more the fresh and local food I got to eat in Bali. Here at HKUST, I get the feeling of being alive and living good life by learning a lot at my classes and by getting to be surrounded by such international and interesting people every day, but the food indeed is not stimulating in any means.

Also, the weather we are getting now is making me grateful that I got to experience Hong Kong at its best, at fall time. Most days are grey and sometimes the visibility is no more than 20 meters because of the fog. No need to say how humid it is. Today we’ve had a thunderstorm all day and right now no one can even think about stepping their foot outside. The strength of the storm is something we never experience in Europe.

Therefore, I’m channeling my energy to studying and relaxing;). And a little party never killed nobody… In our case this means celebrating The American 21st birthday of my Californian friend in Macau aka Las Vegas of Asia next weekend 😉 Can’t wait to experience this big celebration for the first time!


Coffee overdoses and midterm week


Happy to be back in blog after too long time! Time is passing by so fast and semester is already halfway. I want to share more thoughts and photos later on but wanted to give a brief update with some pictures captured today. The sun finally came out (fall is sooooo much better in HK weather wise), and we took advantage by lying on lawn after lunch. Everyone are studying like crazy as it’s midterm week but we felt that the sun was nurturing us more 😉 HKUST campus is huge – the glass complex in the picture is Business faculty, which is where my classes are- I like! Building is super new and the view is not bad either.

Though my summer remains a big question mark, what I know is that I want to visit the closest friends I’ve made here. Berlin, Paris, London, Copenhagen… Could I ask for more. Luckily, I now also have a perfect excuse, I mean REASON, to go back to my most beloved city, NYC, as well as California and Austin, Texas 😉 The sooner the better.

I am happy to finally study subjects that motivate me. The courses are demanding – I’ve learned that any course containing word strategic in it means that it is not a easy way out course. All my courses require a lot of work which makes my exchange experience a little different than most of my friends’ but it was a conscious decision. That said, I’m now more confident than ever that my future lies in STRATEGIC marketing, brand management, communications, maybe even some accounting 😉

As for my feelings towards Hong Kong, they have only grown stronger along the way. To be honest, I did not come back here with a huge excitement but would’ve rather gone back home, or NYC … However, I now realize that I am with all my heart crazy in love with this city. It seems to be a common phenomenon, as everyone who has spend longer period here says that it makes you addicted. I can agree. I’m grateful for the chance of experiencing this city that I had absolutely no (any good) expectations of. I hope to have the chance to spent time here another period some time in my life. And that time it will not be on a campus way too far from center!

Sending much love to everyone who is reading this, and missing my close ones like crazy ❤