Easter break

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I’ve been enjoying some much needed vacation from uni life for a week now, in good company. I was lucky to get my parents to Hong Kong for Easter and we’ve had some catching up to do since it’s been so many months since we last saw. I of course used the chance to escape the campus to the hotel at the island ;). 

Hotel life has been sooo good after living wherever during the past year (30th June last year was the last night I slept in my own cozy bed!!).  We are staying at Indigo, a trendy boutique hotel in Wan Chai. We were lucky enough to get a room at the highest floor with a view to the mountains. This with the location in the city, amazingly delicious breakfast and coziest bed ever, no need to say that it’s my heaven. I am writing this by the rooftop infinity pool in all quiet and peace, the busy city life feeling distant though it is only one elevator ride away;).
We’ve made some restaurant discoveries as well as I’ve made my parents try my favourite healthy food places. After another Mana meal my dad actually told that he might get used to vegetarian food after all the trials I’ve put him go through here 😉 I know where my sisters and I are taking him in Helsinki – Silvoplee!
Now my plan is to catch the last rays of sun and slip into jacuzzi..:) More pictures to come!

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