Back at the island

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By island  I mean Hong Kong island 😉 Where I used to live until I moved to the campus. So it was SO good to stay a week in Wan Chai. And of course to catch up with parents after such a long time.

For a visual person like me, I fell in love with the details in Indigo hotel. Like this colour changing elevator wall, the infinity pool with a glass floor overlooking the city from 30th floor, cozy library with books to borrow… A lovely breakfast room which was basically just a huge kitchen, with a super trendy design. I already miss the omelet with bunch of side dishes, cups of coffee and refrigerator full of fresh fruit juices and yogurts to choose from. I’m not sure why I’m getting so excited of a hotel but I actually started thinking of planning a boutique hotel of my own, haha!

Back to reality, I’m  back at the campus and trying to find ways to motivate myself for the remaining weeks of studying and finals. We actually have a long list to-do in HK with my friend Jessica and not too much time anymore! It includes high afternoon teas, brunches, fun park, spa among others..;)  Though I’m not counting days I must admit I am already excited of going back home and most importantly graduating (assuming I pass my exams!) . Although it’s not the end of my studies, I will be relieved of getting at least the first degree out. Sorry for the silence lately, I will activate with it soon and also planning to change the blog (need to learn some coding), stay tuned!

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