Home Sweet Home


In my favorite, Sushibar + Wine at Uudenmaankatu


The Exhibionists at Museokatu, such a fresh and delicious brunch in a French café


I’m aware of my perfect timing to come back but I have to say that I truly see my city through new eyes after being away for so long. Also, after spending last summer in the heat of New York (though it was the best one so far), it is very refreshing to be home this time. Though I was unlucky to return and discover the weather to be unusually cool, I’ve felt extremely happy being home ever since. The weather eventually got warmer and I’ve got reminder after another how the Finnish Summer is such a unique time and place to experience.

The week was filled with reunions. Elina and I were also lucky to get all of our closest friends together at my place as soon as she landed couple days after myself. My week highlights involved brunches, lunches and dinners with the best people, some party nights, being at the sea and surrounding islands of Helsinki and spending time with a best friend who packed her apartment and moved to NYC. One of the things I’ve missed the most has been wondering the aisles of grocery stores, being able to buy anything I wish and prepare the meal by myself, in my own kitchen. Such a luxury.

I am already up in the sky again, on my way to one of my favourite city and people. Can’t help myself, I’ve missed Europe so badly and I am so happy to explore London more, last time was way too short!

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