London calling


Best scones ever with jam and cream at afternoon tea at The Cadogan


Exploring the streets of hipsterish Shoreditch


Picking dessert at Borough market


…And another one in Dark Sugars chocolate shop on Brick Lane


Monmouth coffee rumoured to be the best in London

London is the only place besides NYC so far that I have immediately felt like home. Likewise with New York, I never fancied too much of visiting London, that was, until I traveled there. 3-day weekend trip with mom turned out to be way too short time to discover it nearly enough. I immediately fell in love with the energetic vibes of the different areas, vividness and history you can sense all over. I love to stay longer periods in cities like these that I feel connected to such deeply, to experience behind the touristy stuff.
I was so happy to reunite with this city and stay at my Londoners Henni’s and Anne’s place. They also pulled me an very unexpected yet happy surprise. Besides seeing these dear friends, also Amanda from Scotland had decided to fly over. London has been everything I remembered and more. This is my iPhone picture diary so far.


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