I <3 London



My personal London tips:

1. Borough Market

London’s oldest market is a paradise for a culinarist. They have the freshest cheese, meat, fruits & veggies, olive oil, juices, ice cream, granola, almost anything you can possibly ask for. After having a veggie burger, we picked couple cakes from what felt like an endless selection, and ended up having lemon cheesecake and carrot cake and enjoyed them by the river. Arguably London’s best coffee is sold there too and I can agree the Monmouth long black was delicious indeed.

2. Notting Hill

Portobello Road and the little side alleys make a perfect place to get lost on a Saturday (or any other day). The scale of colours in the buildings make me inconceivably happy and wish that I could live in one myself. I also did one of my best bargains ever from a little leather shop PappuDoc on Portobello. I bought a case for my laptop, something I had been hunting already for years, and this was a perfect piece.

Anne took me to her favourite comfort food restaurant, Liza’s. To be honest, I was not too excited about having Swedish food as I was travelling to Stockholm the next day, but I understood the hype on my first bite. If I lived in London, I would make my way to Liza’s for the meatballs every week as well, so good were they.

3. Flower Market

I was not surprised when Anne told me that she likes to walk every Sunday here to pick up fresh flowers for the upcoming week. Fresh flowers and coffee on a Sunday morning, what else could you ask for?

4. Camden Market

It’s no secret that I love food markets and Camden Market was no exception. We grabbed lunch here and enjoyed it by the canal, a perfect ending to our little hike to Primrose Hill.

5. Afternoon Tea

This is a must do while in London. We went to The Cadogan. The prestige location in the heart of Knightsbridge and with its atmosphere of stepping centuries back in time and receiving treatment like we were royals was an experience itself. The tea and sweet & savoury bites were a cherry on top of the experience.

6. Angel & Le Merqury restaurant

The lovely area made me feel most cozy, filled with life and boutique shops, cafés and pubs. We went to my girls’ favourite restaurant Le Merqury and I can see why; the food was super delicious and very affordable and the atmosphere very romantic & cozy.

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