Christmas break

Dear diary,

It’s my second favourite time of the year (nothing beats Scandinavian July and August but we’re close) and I felt inspired to embrace these great times through writing, for memory refreshment when I’m old ;). Though I tend to blaze my travels and not so much my life back home, I must say that it is Finland and my everyday life, combined with occasional periods abroad that make me happiest. I hope that I will soon be honoured to host my friends from abroad.

IMG_0085_2IMG_0090_2 IMG_0092_2

My Fall was an intense period of kicking off my master studies and working in a digital agency. Though working hours occasionally stretched until night and weekends, I never felt exhausted. I, perhaps first time in my life, felt that I am in right place with both my work and studies. Besides mandatory communication courses, I took few advanced marketing courses purely out of interest; I cannot take the credits as part of my study plan, yet I’ll never regret this extra work. Besides learning a lot, I identified some new areas of interests of mine; fashion (marketing, digitization, retail experience, consumer behaviour), for one. On another course, we created a coffee game/app, which we even might eventually develop further. Either way, I’m now confident that I can design an appealing and user friendly app. And let me say that gamification just might be the future of marketing and process management 😉 Anyway, I truly encourage curious people to reach out of their field of expertise for multidisciplinary knowledge.

After an intense Fall, I was lucky to take a long Christmas break. Barcelona with two bffs was a perfect start, followed by cozy Christmas with family. We got the most beautiful snowy and crispy Winter Wonderland for Christmas, which remains as I write this piece. Traditional Boxing Day dancing took place as well of course – we literally danced all night. Now I’m sitting on a train towards Tahko. Ski, relax, great company and some New Year’s partying – our recipe for a perfect last week of Christmas break.


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IMG_0097IMG_0095_2IMG_0082_2   IMG_0099_2IMG_0094_2IMG_0096_2


xxx, S

P.S. Last year this time I was at Bali, finishing three week volunteering work in an organic farm, about to fly off to Bangkok to meet Jenny. We had become friends the previous Summer when we both lived in New York. The short but sweet time together there had convinced us that we’d make a great team in Asia too. We were right and we’ll surely cherish memories of the trip forever. Not many people know how many different vehicles you need to get from Koh Tao, Thailand to El Nido, Philippines. Or how good a glass of cold white wine and steak of fish with mango sauce can taste when arriving to El Nido after 72 hours of traveling. Check our very own trip hashtag #mangomonsteritviidakossa14 in Instagram for travel inspiration. 🙂


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