Embracing the mind and body at Tahko

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I can’t think of a better long Winter weekend than escaping the city to the North. Flexible student life allowed Satu and myself to leave the city on Thursday to Tahko. There we met up with the rest of the crew – Satu’s dad and best childhood friend. Our Tahko vacations have definitely changed since part years. Then it was all about partying and some skiing, now it is quite the opposite. Relaxation, healthy food and being active is the best way to spend your days.

The weekend was full of winter activities; hitting the slopes, running with Ringo, and even hitting the gym. Accompanied with daily sauna, healthy food and great company. On Sunday we did a snow mobile safari tour around Tahko hill – being surrounded by just the first was so beautiful and peaceful. We had a great dinner at Ukko Tahko. My sweet potato coconut ginger soup was unbelievable good, as I already knew from last visit. This restaurant is a great option for great food. Lunch we ate at Pehku – again, delicious borscht soup – I highly recommend! Our delicious menu at home:

– zucchini avocado pasta

– raclette with a bunch of vegetables

– chicken filled peppers and sweet potato chips

Now back in the city – time for some heavy studying this Spring 😉

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