Fashion weekend in Cape Town

Last weekend we drove to Cape Town to attend the Fashion Week and show of next generation.

“From firm fashion favourites to emerging artists, the shows feature everything from glamorous garments, ready-to-wear pieces, wedding couture and the latest developments in menswear. Apart from the established names in the business, the annual couture conference affords young designers the opportunity to dazzle audiences with their fresh ideas and share the runway with the elite crew of trendy exhibitors.”

It was an interesting experience to try to blend into the stylish crowd of South African fashionistas. So many beautiful and stylish people here! Afterwards we had a delicious eight course dinner at Africa cafe, consisting traditional dishes from all around the continent. So far, the food has never disappointed me and this time was no exception. Such a culinary experience. After dinner, we had to say goodbye to Saire and Chris, who we only got to spend a couple of weeks as roommates, but will by no doubt see each other again. Miss them already.

IMG_0238_2 IMG_0240_2IMG_0239_2 IMG_0236 IMG_0252 IMG_0241 IMG_0251_2

We stayed overnight at PJ’s cousins place in Newlands. On Sunday we found ourselves from Truth Coffee, an unique space with great great food and coffee. This city keeps surprising me with its great restaurants, among everything else…


Our beloved home. Though Cape Town is exciting and I’ve got so much more to explore there, was so good to arrive back home to Stellenbosch. Love this place even more.


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