“Actually, the best gift you can give her is a lifetime full of adventures…” – Lewis Carroll

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Couple of weeks have passed in South Africa and I’m very much still in the honeymoon phase with this beautiful country. Everything in Stellenbosch is simply a pleasure for the eye: details in restaurants, the street views with white, Dutch architecture, mountains surrounding the town, effort made for great food and wine… And the openness and hospitality of people makes me feel joyful and grateful throughout the days…
Something I’ve learned to appreciate here, is electricity. They do loadsheddings few times a week – electricity distribution is turned off for two hours at a time. I thought it’d be no biggie, but I learned it the hard way the other day, when not appropriately prepared. You quickly realise that you use electricity to nearly everything you do by dark. And when it gets dark here during load shedding, it really is dark. No lights on the streets, you light your home by candles or flashlight, kitchen tools do not work… Learning to be at gym during dark becomes a valuable skill. You can be in a restaurant but menu will be limited. And so on. Note to self: buy candles, charge your laptop. Or, get some company. We figured that this is an optimal time to get closer to each other as there’s not much else to do. Why not use the time for something more romantic than watching series?
I love the fact that there’s only one hour time difference to Finland. Though my peeps knows I’m not the best keeping in touch with people while abroad, it is comforting to know that my closed ones are living the same time of day. And whatsapp voice messages have actually made quite a lot better communicator towards home, right wifey(s)?
I feel lucky to have found such great friends already. PJ, my Aussie bff, made sure that skipping orientation week did not make me remain as a loner here. We share the desire to be active and constantly try out new things, be it a sport, meeting new people, a work opportunity, food or an event.
Speaking of food, Stellenbosch simply is my favourite place ever. I recommend all my foodie friends to bring themselves down under here 😉 Being often unawarely vegetarian back home, I have found myself eating huge steaks, lamb, ostrich, sausages and beyond every day. Meat is simply so good here, like all food. I balance this diet with the endless option of fresh pressed, and oh so affordable, juice.
Wishing Happy South African Women’s Day for all amazing ladies out there ❤ xxx

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