“If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time”

 And no one wants to be wasting their time, right? 😉 I notice myself getting anxious often times at my operations management class. The topic of sustainable business, then, gets me highly engaged. Best stuff however obviously happens out class room.


Delicious breakfast at Schoon De Companje. They bake their breads in house as well as all the toppings. Morning happiness on The Women’s Day.


Love their interior and the market place inside as well.

IMG_0277    IMG_0279

Hiking up and down the Table Mountain and the gorgeous views over Camps Bay and the two oceans.


Well deserved steak dinner after the hike, by the beautiful beach…

I am highly committed to pursue everything I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but “didn’t have the time” in Finland. Of course, it is an excuse – it’s about time management and prioritising. Skills I want to improve on. Here I’ve done well though. I encourage everyone to do the same. For me, this time of pursuing interests has so far involved…
Starting pilates. I find it great. I love the way pilates makes you more conscious about your body and its abilities. I’ve also learned the importance of breathing. I love seeing progress in my small muscle groups, and enhanced posture. 
Of course, the TO TRY list is endless.. Next week I’ll go to boxing to see what I’m made of. I will also get back to horse’s back after 10 years. So excited. Then there’s more extreme things like bungee jumping, paraflying and mountain hill biking. I’m not leaving this place before I can cross these from my bucket list.  
Besides sports, in the search of a meaningful life work, I’m trying out different projects here as well. I started as a waiter in a fine dining restaurant. This means that I learn endless about great food  and wine and combining these. Hospitality is also crucial in such a restaurant, which I’m sure everyone has always room to improve. This I get to learn in the most gorgeous restaurant in beautiful sceneries of surrounding vineyards. 
I’m also pursuing other career options here… Will talk about them more when I get them started. What I can say that I am excited. 

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